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Babistic baby yoga uses songs & rhymes coordinated with movements, soft stretching and relaxation. Baby yoga uses various poses and positions for your baby which helps promote baby's well-being, flexibility, co-ordination, muscle tone and body awareness.

The tactile and sensory stimulation which takes place during a class helps to contribute to the development of the baby's brain and the nervous system.

As with baby massage, baby yoga is a lovely opportunity to enhance communication with your baby, gain confidence in handling your baby, additional digestive benefits and encourage your baby to sleep deeper. 

Benefits of baby yoga

• Relaxes both the mother and baby helping to decrease stress and anxiety
• Loving communication and enhances bonding with nurturing tactile stimulation
• Can help with constipation and gas
• Can help boost baby's immune system
• Can lead to more restful sleep
• 1:1 focused time with your baby
• Physical activity and experience helps to develop pathways between the brain and the body that will support posture, balance and even the ability to control eye movements for the remainder of their lives.
• Babies and children who experience more nurturing touch and have their needs met grow into adults that are less violent and aggressive and are more prone to  be compassionate and cooperative with others.

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