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Baby Massage with Reflexology and Baby Yoga

Live Online Baby Massage + Baby Yoga + Baby Reflexology Course

On this baby led course you will learn baby massage, baby yoga, baby reflexology, lovely sensory activities as well as anxiety reduction techiques for mum/dad. 

This integrated course gives you so many skills which can be used throughout your child's life. Tools for life!  

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•Relaxes both the mother and baby helping to decrease stress and anxiety
•Loving communication and enhances bonding
•Gaining a deeper understanding of your baby's behaviour, crying and body language
•Can help manage colic and release constipation and gas
•Can help boost baby's immune system
•Can lead to more restful sleep
•Techniques may help with teething and congestion
•Loving communication and enhances bonding with nurturing tactile stimulation
•1:1 focused time with your baby
•Physical activity and experience helps to develop pathways between the brain and the body that will support posture, balance and even the ability to control eye movements for the remainder of their lives.
•Babies and children who experience more nurturing touch and have their needs met grow into adults that are less violent and aggressive and are more prone to be compassionate and cooperative with others. 

To learn more about each area of the all in one course:

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As published in the following magazines 

Here's are some recent published article I wrote on how reflexology helped my son as a baby who was suffering with colic:

Gurgle Magazine 

B Baby Magazine 



4 week course

What you will need

Other information

You will be the one massaging, performing baby yoga and reflexology with your baby as all the moves are demonstrated on a doll by the instructor. 

Please wear comfortable clothing as the massage is performed on the floor.

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